Welcome letter


Egypt has always been known for its rich history and distinctive location, facilitating the establishment of strong ties with neighboring countries and keeping it open up to the whole world. Scientific missions which were long established in Egypt, have always played a fundamental role in unlocking relations with different countries and at the same time enhancing the exchange of knowledge and skills.

The Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education strives to enhance the cooperation between Egyptian universities and research centers and their American counterparts in pursuit of strengthening academic relations, investing in human capital, and supporting Egypt’s sustainable strategic goals. The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in Washington DC is, therefore, keen to build up, support, and accelerate the relations between Egyptian and American institutions through various academic activities, partnerships, and joint research projects. At the bureau, we also spare no effort to facilitate the mission of our students, scholars, and scientists who study, conduct research, or teach in the USA.

Additionally, the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau in Washington DC serves as a window on the Egyptian culture and civilization. Through continuously organizing and hosting a multitude of events and activities, we proudly present the richness, uniqueness, and splendor of our civilization throughout the ages. Through our vision and activities, we build cultural bridges through mutual dialogue and channels of communication between the Egyptians and the Americans, and, at the same time, we are keen to maintain the ties between the Egyptians and their homeland civilization.

Prof. Heba Mahmoud Saad

Director of the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau- Washington DC